Of all the ways in which a chiropractor can treat you, the Diversified Technique is the one most widely used. At Great Plains Chiropractic, we use this technique to provide chronic pain relief for our patients in Fargo, ND.

What Is the Diversified Technique?

This common chiropractic technique is used for several different reasons. Primarily, the diversified technique repairs dysfunctional joints, realigns your spine, and makes it easier to move around comfortably and safely. The diversified technique is used to treat a variety of conditions and ailments. It is often administered to patients to relieve migraine headaches, help control blood sugar, and treat an inward curved neck.

This technique can also be used to treat musculoskeletal disorders, as well as pain related to pregnancy. It works to treat back pain caused by pregnancy as well as headaches and a lack of sleep due to these aches and pains. The technique can be used on anyone experiencing back, neck, or rib pain. It is often used to help athletes recover quicker from injuries.

How Is It Administered?

When one of our chiropractors performs the diversified technique on a patient, it can be done in a standing or sitting position. The chiropractor will then use his hands to physically move a patient’s joints back to where they belong. It uses a shift and thrust administered by the chiropractor, which can be done on many different body parts. These movements create a popping noise that lets you know the procedure is doing what it is supposed to do. The popping noise is caused by your joints releasing tiny gas bubbles due to the pressure put on them during the procedure.

Why You Need It

The Diversified Technique is most often used to treat problems with the spine. In general, the worse the pain is the more frequently you need this technique performed on you for pain relief. Some patients need to receive several treatments before they feel the full effects of his technique. It is not uncommon to experience soreness for one or two days after having it performed on you.

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